Bitcoin DLC Smart Contract, what does it mean for the network?

The main one of cryptomonies continues to show that it is not a static entity, but continues to evolve. Now, for the first time, a Smart DLC is created on the Bitcoin Trader mainnet.

It’s a Discrete Registration Contract (DLC), which becomes the first of its kind in Bitcoin. Although the subject of this DLC is not the most relevant part of the news, it’s still curious.

In that sense, the DLC is related to the upcoming U.S. presidential elections. According to some news websites, two people opened the Intelligent Contract and bet 1 Bitcoin on the winner of the race for the White House.

Smart Contract could give Bitcoin a boost

Losing or winning $10,000 USD in Bitcoin on a bet is the purpose of this Smart Agreement. However, beyond that, the importance is that the main kryptonet is shown to have more qualities than many of its competitors claim.

It should be noted that the Blockchain network with the best options and breadth for intelligent contracts is the Ethereum network. Even so, with this Bitcoin DLC, it’s clear that the main kryptonet’s network is not totally prevented from fulfilling similar functions.

Another of the Blockchain networks that allow the creation of intelligent contracts with wide maneuverability is EOS. Bitcoin’s delay in this, is due to the fact that it is oriented more towards security than complexity.

It should be remembered that, a DLC-type Intelligent Contract is a bet between two or more people related to a future event. In this case, about the US presidential elections.