Last year Coinbase UK recorded a 38% drop

Last year Coinbase UK recorded a 38% drop in turnover compared to 2018.

This was recently discovered thanks to a report filed a few days ago, dedicated to Coinbase UK Ltd’s 2019 performance.

Coinbase UK is the subsidiary of the US parent company, and operates in the UK.

For example, the report states that during 2019 the company acquired more than 5 million new users, reaching a total of almost 22 million, and that its turnover was 94.8 million euros.

In 2018, on the other hand, probably thanks in part to the wake of the big speculative bubble at the end of 2017, turnover was 153 million, so in 2019 there was a real collapse of 38% from this point of view.

However, the net margin fell by only 8%, from 7.8 to 7.2 million, evidently due to Crypto Profit a sharp reduction in expenses.

Incidentally, Coinbase had no staff in the UK in recent years, so the reduction in costs was not achieved by cutting staff numbers.

However, the total value of client funds held in custody by the company increased in 2019 from 741 million euros on 31 December 2018 to 1.493 billion euros at the end of 2019, almost doubling.

It should be noted, however, that at the end of 2018, for example, the value of a bitcoin was around $3,800, while at the end of 2019 it had almost doubled ($7,400).

Coinbase UK’s turnover

Coinbase UK’s turnover is generated by both the exchange’s cryptocurrency exchanges and the debit card service, so it is not necessarily proportional to the value of clients‘ funds held in custody.

Instead, it is proportional to clients‘ exchange activities, and these were certainly still very high at the beginning of 2018.

Among other things, according to TechCrunch, Fortune staff writer Jeff John Roberts wrote a book on the history of Coinbase and CEO Brian Armstrong, entitled „Kings of Crypto“, published by Harvard Business School Press.

It is a narrative text that attempts to explain the world of crypto currency using the story of the birth of the exchange as a pretext to tell the story by giving the story a narrative slant.

The crypto world, in essence, is increasingly entering the mainstream.