Solve.Care announces a telemedicine platform for remote care based on blockchain

Healthcare cryptology startup Solve.Care recently launched a remote medicine were on the way, up to $255 million, raised $232 million, install new code, canadian imperial bank of commerce, first mandatory upgrade, crypto assets task force, has set up, unveiled last june, clamped down on exchanges platform.

According to an announcement sent to Cointelegraph on May 22, Solve.Care announced a new marketplace that allows users to consult doctors anywhere in the world. It is called the Global Telehealth Exchange, or GTHE.

GTHE’s goal is also to provide physicians with a way to participate in telemedicine by posting their profiles, rates, availability and then accepting appointments. The system was designed with openness in mind, so that third-party tele-health solutions can use their registration.

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The service will be accessible through the health care management system, Care.Wallet, and will be available to users in selected countries by the end of this year.

Chain-of-custody medical record maintenance
After obtaining the user’s permission, doctors who provide their services through the platform will be able to review the patient’s previous medical records. This is to prevent the same evaluations from being made several times. It also helps prevent doctors from performing unnecessary medical tests.

All medical records and transactions, all performed on the SOLVE token, on the platform are stored in a chain to ensure that the data is tamper-proof. Solve Care’s CEO, Pradeep Goel, explained why telemedicine is now more important than ever:

„The Covid-19 pandemic has seriously tested the way health systems are organized and delivered from various perspectives. Now, more and more patients are reluctant to visit their doctors because of the pandemic. Physicians who are not primarily involved in treating Covid-19 cases have experienced a significant decline in patient appointments. The launch of the Global Telehealth Exchange is aimed at redressing this imbalance.

They launched David19, an initiative that uses blockchain to collect information on Covid-19
The startup in the United Arab Emirates, in5, is also trying to take advantage of blockchain technology to alleviate the effects of the pandemic. They are designing decentralized systems that the company believes will help contain the coronavirus.